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Xbox Live update coming on December 6th

Xbox Live update coming on December 6th


The Xbox 360 Dashboard update with a wealth of new features will be ready to distribute to all console owners on December 6th.

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It's been a long time in coming, but the fall update for the Xbox 360 Dashboard finally has a landing date: December 6th. That's the word straight from Microsoft, who has been busy revamping, distributing this update to registered beta testers, and generally making sure things don't go "boom" when the new software is distributed universally.

The update is free to all Xbox 360 console owners and includes an overhauled Dashboard look, an expanded set of Kinect voice controls, integrated Facebook Sharing, and cloud storage for game saves. Starting from the 6th, the console will also include new entertainment options, such as live TV and streaming movies and music, though which particular new service you get will depend on where you live and what content agreements Microsoft has in place. The assurance from the company is that "a wealth of new content" will be forthcoming, with options expanding further as we move through the holiday months.

Update: Xbox Live spokesman Major Nelson has posted more information.