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Lenovo building a 5-inch, dual-core IdeaTab Android tablet

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Lenovo is working on a 5-inch dual-core Android tablet, likely to be called the IdeaTab when it becomes available in the US.

Lenovo 5-inch Android tablet
Lenovo 5-inch Android tablet

We're not convinced there's a place in the market for 5-inch tablets (phablets?), but it looks like Lenovo wants to find out for itself — the company's working on a 5-inch, Android-based Lenovo tablet with a dual-core processor, photos of which were first shown to Engadget. There's not much to be gleaned from the images; we're seeing MicroUSB and MicroHDMI inputs, a front-facing camera, and the capacitive Android buttons that could mean there's no Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich to be found. Its orange-accented style is much like the IdeaPad U300s ultrabook, which we loved for its design flair.

No word yet on pricing or availability for the tablet, which will reportedly be called the IdeaTab, rather than the IdeaPad tablets we've seen so far. The Dell Streak 5 and Galaxy Player 5.0 don't seem to be the best models to follow in building a successful tablet, but we'll wait and see if Lenovo's got anything special up its sleeve.