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Single-pixel contact lens display successfully tested on rabbits

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Researchers have successfully developed and tested a contact lens with a single-pixel display built into it.

Rabbit Contact Lens Display
Rabbit Contact Lens Display

We're getting closer to a world in which a heads-up display could be built right into your contact lenses. A team of researchers from the University of Washington and Aalto University of Finland have just published the results of a study in which they successfully tested a contact lens with a single pixel display built in on live rabbits. The contact lens itself included an antenna, a 500 x 500 µm2 piece of silicon, and a 750 x 750 µm2 single-pixel display that receives signals wirelessly through the antenna from a distance of up to one meter when the contact was not placed on the test rabbit's eye. However, once placed on the eye, the lens was only able to receive a signal from two centimeters away. As for the rabbits, they showed no ill effects after the 40 minute testing sessions. While researchers believe there's utility even in a single-pixel contact lens — such as giving warnings to the hearing impaired — we can't wait for a pair of 1080p lenses.