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Sprint's ZTE V55 pictured running Honeycomb

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Sprint ZTE V55
Sprint ZTE V55

We had a peek at ZTE's V55 tablet for Sprint courtesy of the FCC back in October, and now we have a tad more than a wireframe to look at — Bluetooth SIG lists the ZTE "Smart Tab" V55 along with a blurry little picture of the device running Android Honeycomb. Bluetooth SIG's naturally posted up more Bluetooth specs than you could ever hope for, but we don't have any additional info on the remaining hardware, so we'll just have to settle with what we already know: it's probably a 7 or 8-inch tablet, and considering ZTE is already showing off other high-end Tegra 3 tablets, the V55's likely to be a low-end offering by Sprint. Is that enough to tide you over until the thing's actually announced?