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SlingPlayer arrives on Boxee Box, continues platform expansion (video)

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SlingPlayer is now available on the Boxee Box by D-Link, bringing with it the ability to stream cable programming, control a home DVR, and more.

Boxee Box
Boxee Box

SlingPlayer is showing up all over the place lately — it just hit Facebook and Chrome last week — and now it's coming to the Boxee Box. The new app is the first of Sling's apps for connected devices strategy, and it does everything you might expect: owners of a Slingbox Solo or Pro-HD will be able to remotely view and control their DVRs, and Sling's touting a revamped program guide that it says will streamline navigation. The app is also a nice way for new cord-cutters to still make use of their parent's cable if network programming won't be enough.

Despite the app coming at a $30 premium on smartphones and tablets, there's no charge for the Boxee Box version — a decision that should only help make the product combination more appealing to consumers. SlingPlayer for Boxee Box is available for download right now.