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Sony's PlayStation 3D Display launch delayed in Europe

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Sony PlayStation 3D Display
Sony PlayStation 3D Display

While the Sony PlayStation 3D Display has launched and is widely available in the US, the same can't be said across the pond. Eurogamer has apparently heard from Sony that the 3D Display won't be available in the UK or Europe until next year due to unspecified delays. A quick check on several retail sites seems to confirm the delay — Amazon's UK site specifically states that suppliers were delayed in obtaining stock of the 3D Display and that it won't be available in Europe in 2011. While Sony never actually released a firm European launch date, the initial 3D Display press release did claim it would be available in the Fall of 2011. If you still want to get some 3D, multiplayer, splitscreen action going, you'll just have to look into LG's LW980T series, which offers Dual Play and 3D but is significantly larger and more expensive.