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My iTunes Match Experience


When I first heard about iTunes Match, I thought it would be a great place to backup my music. All of my files are in the cloud except my music. As a finance/economics guy, I saw $24.99 as a insurance policy for all my music. $24.99 to insure ~4,000 songs is a no brainer, so I signed up on day one. The ability to stream songs to my iPhone was an added benefit.

My complaints:

  1. My purchased playlist is not syncing with my iPhone anymore. WTF?
  2. If a playlist has a booklet (pdf of the album insert) they entire playlist won't sync.
  3. The inability to choose which playlists sync with iTunes match. I don't want all of my playlists on my iPhone.
  4. Every time iTunes Match syncs it undoes the changes I made to my song data (artists info, album info, etc).


#4 is by far the most frustrating, and it may be the reason I cancel iTunes match. Even I have a lot of complaints, I have to tip my hat to Apple though, the setup was super easy.

What are yalls thoughts on iTunes Match?