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BlackBerry PlayBook native email, contacts, calendar pictured

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Some images have leaked of BlackBerry PlayBook native email, contacts, and calendar features scheduled to be released with the OS 2.0 update.

BlackBerry PlayBook native email
BlackBerry PlayBook native email

We saw some leaked images of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 a few months ago, and now BlackBerry Cool has shots of the native email, contacts, and calendar features, all taken yesterday at the BlackBerry Innovation Forum. There's not much to the pics, but they do show pinch-to-zoom in email, calendar numbers that grow in size as your scheduled appointments increase, and an enhanced contacts section that integrates inboxes and social networks. RIM also mentioned a PlayBook keyboard accessory that should come in handy for all this added functionality. With these new apps on the way and the recently announced price drop, the PlayBook could be a nice value this holiday season.