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Barnes & Noble Black Friday 2011: Nook Simple Touch price cut

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Black Friday 2011: Barnes & Noble Simple Touch reader price drops to $79 for Black Friday.

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Nook (2011)
Nook (2011)

Barnes & Noble has just announced that its new Nook Simple Touch reader will be $79 on Black Friday. This is $20 less than its regular selling price of $99, though the deal will last just one day, it seems. The company says that supplies are limited, so you'll want to head over to your local store bright and early Friday morning to grab one.

If you haven't decided which e-reader to buy yet, check out our full review of the Simple Touch reader right here.

There's also refurbished Nook Color tablets available from Barnes & Noble's official Ebay account for $119, while supplies last.

Be sure to check back to see if Barnes & Noble drops any further deals into our laps -- we'll keep updating!