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Black Friday 2011 deals: Apple, Sony, Amazon, Target, Xbox Live, and more

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Do you love deals? Do you love shopping? Do you love Friday? Do you love the color black? If you answered yes to any or all of those questions — even if it's just the one about a color — then we've got a treat for you. That's right, it's The Verge annual Black Friday superguide to knock-down, drag-out deals! It's that time of the year when people literally trample each other to death to get the lowest prices on consumer goods, and we want to be sure that you're well equipped for the nerve-shattering hell-ride that is Black Friday 2011. We've compiled the best deals and the best retailers to find them at in the StoryStream below (and we'll add more as we find them). So grab some popcorn, order a double espresso, and let yourself be taken on a ride through psychotic consumerism at its finest!P.S. Be kind to each other out there. You don't have to kill to get a good deal... but it helps.