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Samsung releases fixed Android 3.2 update for Wi-Fi-only Galaxy Tab 10.1

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Samsung has re-released the Android 3.2 update for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, resolving a critical Wi-Fi bug that plagued the first release.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 lead
Galaxy Tab 10.1 lead

Just over a week after it released and then pulled the Android 3.2 over-the-air update for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung has re-released it without the Wi-Fi killing bugs that plagued the first version. If you were lucky and missed the first update, you can install it over-the-air by heading into the tablet's software settings. If you were unlucky and installed the bad update, you can fix your tablet up by installing the update using Samsung's Kies desktop software.

Earlier this morning, Samsung began releasing an over the air software update allowing Galaxy 10.1 users to upgrade to Android 3.2 while also resolving a Wi-Fi connectivity issues some Galaxy 10.1 users experienced following a previous software update. For Galaxy 10.1 users who experience Wi-Fi connectivity issues and are unable to reconnect, the new software update may be downloaded and installed via Samsung's Kies desktop app.

While any update that breaks functionality is bad, especially something as critical as Wi-Fi, Samsung does deserve credit for fixing the issue and releasing a fix in relatively short order.