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Google kills off more experimental services, including Wave, Gears, and Knol

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Google's shutting down another set of experimental projects.

Google Wave stock 640
Google Wave stock 640

You can't say Google isn't boldly striding forward, but the web company's also leaving quite a few services behind. Today, in the company's third round of "off-season spring cleaning," Google's dooming yet another set of projects to die. Pour one out for:

Not all these projects will shut down immediately, but those that don't, have expiration dates. Gears will stop working on December 1st, Bookmarks Lists will last until December 19th, and Wave will become read-only on January 31st and shut down on April 30th of next year. Knol will work until April 30th, and content will disappear after October 1st, 2012. As before, Google's trying to refocus its efforts on a smaller set of products going forward. Find Google's full explanation at our source link.

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