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Unlocked Galaxy Nexus starts to hit American retailers

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It's still not available from carrier partner Verizon, but gray market importers have begun stocking GSM versions of the Galaxy Nexus.

galaxy nexus
galaxy nexus

It's been a brutal six-day wait since last week's UK launch — but Americans with a penchant for bleeding-edge smartphones (and somewhere between $700 and $900 to spend) should start checking their usual gray market importer, because it seems the Galaxy Nexus is starting to trickle in. As of right now, Expansys USA is reporting "100+ in stock now" at a cool $749.99 each, which will you buy you an unlocked 16GB version of the phone in its pentaband HSPA flavor — in other words, it'll work just great on either AT&T or T-Mobile. For Verizon customers, unfortunately, the wait continues... and by all appearances, it's going to continue all the way through to December.