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Apple removes Big Fish Games subscription app, offers no explanation

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Big Fish Games' streaming subscription app was removed from the Apple App Store, suggesting that other subscription games may not get approved.

Big Fish Games
Big Fish Games

Big Fish Games co-founder Paul Thelen seemed pretty excited yesterday, telling Bloomberg how his new app would bring a $6.99 subscription streaming game service to the iPad, the first of its kind on the iOS platform. However, the Play Instantly app went missing shortly after the announcement, and today Thelen says that Apple removed it from the App Store without explanation. It's gone.

Thelen says that the app had been "officially approved," and he suggested that the press release even crossed Apple's desk, too. Apple's keeping its lips sealed about the matter, but Thelen certainly painted a picture for Bloomberg of two companies working together closely. "It took longer than usual to be approved... they needed to be convinced there's a reason to charge customers every month," the co-founder said yesterday.