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Google TV receives new YouTube and Photos apps

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Google TV receives updates for its YouTube and Photos apps, less than a month after the update to Android 3.1.

Google TV YouTube Update
Google TV YouTube Update

Following the Google TV platform's update to Android 3.1 at the end of last month, Google's YouTube and Photos apps are also seeing a refresh. The new YouTube app adds several features that have been notably missing from the service for a while, including access to your subscriptions, Watch Later queue, and favorites. The Photos app introduces a new "Discover" feature — a screensaver-like, constantly changing collage of all of your pictures which promises to resurface forgotten photos and old memories.

We've heard reports that Sony TVs have already received this update, though there's no timescale from Logitech as to when the Revue will be getting the update to Honeycomb, let alone these new apps. Google says that these are the first updates of many as part of the company's ongoing commitment to the platform, and with both LG and Samsung rumored to be preparing to launch Google TVs next year, the future looks far brighter than its rocky beginnings.