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The Vergecast is taking the week off

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The Vergecast is taking the week off, but we swear it has nothing to do with eating

vergecast 1
vergecast 1

Hey everyone, we know you love to hear the meandering chit-chat of the Vergecast crew, but we're taking the week off to really think deeply about what we're thankful for. You see, here in America, we get a single day to reflect on the bounty of love, family, friendship, and totally awesome technology we get to play with and stories we get to tell — and darn it, we're using that day! We won't be able to bring you The Vergecast because we'll be in a deep, meditative state. It has nothing to do with overeating. We swear.

We will be back next week of course. Refreshed, renewed, and ready to start it up all over again.