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Holiday Gift Guide: under $50

Holiday Gift Guide: under $50


The Verge Holiday Gift Guide for products under $50.

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Gift Guide $50
Gift Guide $50

Not everybody can afford to blow hundreds of gadget dollars on everybody on their list: you've got to save some for yourself, after all! Still, you can get some seriously nice gear for less money than a nice meal, and we're not just talking iPhone cases and replacement headphone tips.

  • Roku LT
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    Priced at $49.99

    Roku 2 LT

    The media streamer wars are far from over, but Roku is winning on price. For half the price of an Apple TV you get most of the same features, plus some extra content services that Apple can't match (like HBO Go!). Of course, you're mostly just after Netflix streaming, and that's gonna look fine in 720p, no matter who makes the box.

  • j5 Create Wormhole KM Switch

    We don't normally review cables, but we had to check this one out: a simple USB 2.0 cable that lets you share the same mouse and keyboard between two Windows computers, and intuitively drag and drop files across desktops to copy them. Basically, it's the dream that KVM switches have never really delivered. j5 also has a Mac-compatible version for $10 more, but availability on that is spotty.

  • Nyko Zoom

    Priced at: $29.99

    Nyko Zoom

    The Kinect is just getting better with age, with some of our favorite titles being released in just the past few months. Still, there's one big hangup, and that's room size. If you have a cramped Xbox-ing space, the Kinect just simply won't work, or won't work well. Nyko's Zoom accessory puts a lens on your Kinect and shortens the minimum play distance.

  • Rdio

    From Rdio: $10 - $25
    From MOG: $9.99 - $19.99

    Rdio or Mog gift card

    With new Facebook integration, 2011 is the year of the streaming music services. If you're enjoying unlimited jams, but a friend or family member is gun-shy, maybe a gift subscription will push them over the edge. Unfortunately, top dog Spotify doesn't do gift subscriptions in the US. Maybe you can just bribe them with cash?

  • Samsung Focus Flash

    There are a lot of costs associated with a phone besides the sticker price, but if you're already looking to upgrade, or perhaps adding a new line to your family plan, you can't get much more bang-for-buck than the excellent Focus Flash on AT&T, running Windows Phone 7.5. Check out our smartphone buyer's guide for more info on picking a phone.

  • Sony tablet keyboard

    From HP: $29.99
    From Sony: $49.99

    Bluetooth tablet keyboard

    It seems like every time a new tablet comes out, there's a Bluetooth keyboard to go along with it. Luckily, Bluetooth is a well established standard, and almost any set of keys will work with any tablet or computer (or even most phones). Apple's version is the gold standard, but Sony and HP both have nice keyboards available for significantly cheaper.

  • Koss Porta Pro headphones

    Priced at: $49.99

    Koss Porta Pro on-ear headphones

    Koss hasn't changed its Porta Pro headphones in 27 years, but they continue to be regarded as one of the best sets of headphones for the price. Not only do they sound good, but they're built to last — even more rare in this price range. If you dig around you can find a better deal than Koss's sticker price.

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