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Holiday Gift Guide: $50 - $100

Holiday Gift Guide: $50 - $100


The Verge Holiday Gift Guide for products between $50 and $100.

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$50 - $100
$50 - $100

Spending anywhere between $50 to $100 on someone's holiday gift probably means you don't hate the person you're buying for, so we've tried our best to recommend some pretty decent gear in the guide below. Who knows, you might've just found this year's gift-giving sweet spot!

  • Apple TV
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    Priced at $99

    Apple TV

    There’s a whole lot of good stuff in the iTunes store, and the Apple TV puts it all on the big screen. Plus it’s got a great Netflix app and AirPlay compatibility so you can send YouTube videos and pictures from your iPhone to the TV for everyone to see.

  • Fitbit Ultra

    With this little dongle, every step you take, every move you make, it will be watching you. Fitbit’s a great way to track how active you are or how well you’re sleeping and then monitor your progress. Believe us, you’ll want one of these after you eat all those Christmas brownies.

  • Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch

    Barnes & Noble’s E Ink-based Nook is one of the best ebook readers on the market, even after the recent Kindle upgrade. It feels great in hand, has faster page turns, a months-long battery life, integrates with Barnes & Noble’s huge store, and might actually make you read more — it definitely did for us.

  • Peel Universal Remote

    Priced at $99.00

    Peel Universal Remote

    The Peel is like TV Guide, only much better. You pick your favorite shows, or types of shows, and the remote and software displays what’s playing that you’ll like — one tap and you’re watching it. It can also control your Blu-ray player, TV, or home theater.

  • Livescribe Echo Smartpen

    Priced at $99.95

    Livescribe Echo Smartpen

    If you’re not good at listening and writing at the same time, or have inscrutable handwriting like some of us, Livescribe’s a lifesaver – it’s a pen that records audio while you write notes and syncs them together. You can go back later, tap on a word or drawing, and hear what was being said when you wrote it.

  • Eye-Fi Mobile X2

    Priced at $79.99

    Eye-Fi Mobile X2

    Sure, an SD card doesn’t sound like a very generous gift, but this is really like giving the gift of convenience. The Eye-Fi Mobile X2 will let your friends or family forget about syncing photos with cords — set this puppy up and it will wirelessly transfer photos to a computer, Android phone, or iOS device.

  • Klispch S4

    Priced at $79.99

    Klispch S4

    So many earbuds to chose from for under $100! However, Klispch consistently does one of the best jobs of offering comfortable, good-sounding buds. The S4s have the noise isolation you’re looking for while looking pretty sharp.

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