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TV shows come to British PlayStation Network store

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A range of US TV shows are now available to buy on the British PSN store, though the selection of episodes seems hit-and-miss.

US TV Shows come to UK Playstation Network
US TV Shows come to UK Playstation Network

A range of US TV shows has hit the UK PlayStation store, with episodes of Arrested Development, Breaking Bad, South Park, Two and a Half Men, and more all now available. According to SixthAxis the selection of episodes is a little sporadic, though, with seasons one and six of 24 ready to download, but nothing of the six other series — possibly explaining why Sony is yet to make any announcements. All of the shows are only to purchase, with no rental options or season passes announced yet.

Episodes cost between £1.49 and £2.49 (about $2.30 — $3.90), and like the Video Unlimited movies service you'll pay a premium for HD versions over SD. This pricing is competitive with the iTunes store, and the availability of the shows at all gives the PS3 an edge over the British Zune Marketplace. However, with Lovefilm already providing some TV shows, and Microsoft's high-profile tie-in with Sky TV, Sony is likely be judged on the value of its exclusives.