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BlackBerry Bold 9790 launch discount causes mayhem in Jakarta

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90 people injured in crowds hoping to grab a discounted BlackBerry Bold 9790 in Indonesia.

BlackBerry Bold 9790 crowd
BlackBerry Bold 9790 crowd

Excitement over discounts on RIM’s BlackBerry Bellagio (aka Bold 9790) boiled over at a mall in Jakarta yesterday, with as many as 90 people needing treatment for minor injuries sustained in the resulting chaos.

According to a report from the Jakarta Globe, a crowd "well in excess of a thousand people" converged on Pacific Place mall in South Jakarta in order to snap up steep 50 percent discounts on the newly launched device (the Bellagio ordinarily retails for Rp 4.6 million there – about $520). What originally began as an orderly queue-up-and-get-a-bracelet affair turned to pandemonium when rumors began to spread that there wouldn’t be enough phones to satisfy the growing throng. The crowd eventually spilled over the protective barrier, requiring the dispatch of 200 police and security guards in order to restore order. At least three people were sent to the hospital to get treatment for broken bones.

While the prospect of a Bold 9790-induced riot may be hard for many of our readers to fathom, the brand enjoys enormous popularity in Indonesia, where four of the five top-selling cellphones by value are BlackBerrys. Those who remain dubious are recommended to check below for video from the scene.

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