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Razer working on 'small form factor' products

Razer working on 'small form factor' products


Razer CEO Min-Liang Tang has revealed that the company is already planning its next generation gaming devices, including smaller form factors.

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Razer may not have launched its 17-inch Blade laptop yet, but the company's CEO Min-Liang Tang is already talking about the company's next generation of devices. While the 7-inch Switchblade concept shown at CES earlier this year wasn't specifically mentioned, Tang told PC World that after the Blade, "more products will follow including small form factors." With Razer's innovative designs we doubt that he's talking about an average 15-inch laptop. 

The Switchblade drew a lot of attention at CES for its Optimus Maximus-like custom keyboard, which uses miniature LCD keys to adapt to the game you're playing — a "keyboard morphing profile" handles this automatically as the game is launched.  The Blade incorporates a multitouch display as a trackpad, giving quick access to in-game objects like a map or inventory. While there's no indication that either tech will make its way to the smaller devices, we're excited to see what Razer has up its sleeve at CES in January.