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Dell posts misleading graphics card advice, apologizes and pulls it

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Dell's efforts to entice prospective customers to upgrade their graphics cards have played a little too loose with the truth recently, which has been spotted by sharp-eyed members of Reddit. The company's "Help me choose" pop-up assistant on Optiplex machines featured the above image purporting to show a side-by-side comparison of how the Windows desktop looks on "standard" and "high-end" graphics cards. Needless to say, even the feeblest integrated GPU can successfully render a still desktop without the blur that Dell presents in its comparison, and the company has been alerted to its own misrepresentation by PC Pro.

The response from Dell has been humble and highly apologetic, with the Round Rock team acknowledging and removing the offending image, while adding that "it was never our intention to mislead customers, and we apologise for any confusion caused." Still, you'd expect one of the world's biggest PC vendors to have a better idea of how to sell high-end GPUs, wouldn't you?