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    Droid Razr source code released

    Droid Razr source code released


    Motorola has released the source code for its latest smartphone, the Droid Razr.

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    HTC isn't the only one releasing source code for its devices this week: Motorola has just pushed the code behind its Droid Razr out into the wild. This step makes it far easier for custom ROM creators to develop for the phone, with full access to the components that make up the OS. Motorola has been pretty good with the developer community in recent times, with a tool to unlock the bootloader available soon after the phone launched, and enterprising developers also gaining root access within just a few hours of the handset going on sale.

    If you feel like digging around inside the code, you can grab it now from SourceForge. On the other hand, with Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs likely to be just around the corner for the phone, we're not sure how much love this newly-released code will get.