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Intel's Cedar Trail rumored to be delayed again, new Asus and Samsung netbooks on standby

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Intel's Cedar Trail Atom for netbooks seems to be delayed again, however, Asus and Samsung are ready with new netbooks.

Asus Eee PC Cedar Trail
Asus Eee PC Cedar Trail

For those still keeping a close eye on the netbook market, we've got good news and bad news on this Black Friday morning. The good news is that we've got details on some new 10-inch netbooks coming from Asus and Samsung with Intel's new Cedar Trail Atom platform. The bad news: Cedar Trail looks to be delayed yet again. According to Vr-Zone, Intel's still having some issues getting the Atom N2600 and N2800 graphics drivers just right, causing Chipzilla to push back the platform once more (remember it was supposed to hit in September). The issues seems to be related to 64-bit and DirectX support, which means netbook makers cannot get Microsoft's WHQL certification in order to launch. Vr-Zone is reporting that the netbooks won't launch until early January at this rate.

Coincidentally, details on some of those very netbooks have leaked out as well. In addition to the Asus Eee PC 1025, which hit the FCC a couple of months, Asus has the Eee PC 1011CX, 1015CX, and X101CH waiting in the wings. Based on the leaked manuals obtained by NotebookItalia, these are expected to look a lot like Asus' current notebooks and have Atom N2600 processors, 320GB hard drives, and 1GB of RAM. If that's not enough, Samsung's got the N102S and NC110 with almost identical specs. The source links below have more details, and stay tuned for some more info on this Cedar Trail delay as we've just reached out to a number of our own sources for confirmation.