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Holiday Gift Guide: $500 - $1000

Holiday Gift Guide: $500 - $1000


The Verge Holiday Gift Guide for products between $500 and $1000.

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Gift Guide 500 - 1000
Gift Guide 500 - 1000

$500 to $1,000 Okay. If you're going to spend somewhere between $500 to $1,000 on someone, they must be like the greatest person ever, so first off, congratulations on knowing the greatest person ever. We don't know that person ourselves. We're just here to recommend gifts for that person, since you know them.

  • Sony NEX-5N

    Sony's non-DSLR interchangeable lens cameras are among the most attractively designed on the market, and strong reviews don't hurt, either — the midrange NEX-5N has been really well-received since its launch a couple months ago. Replacing the NEX-5, the 5N's redesigned sensor with 1080/60p support, 16.1-megapixel stills, and an expanded ISO range (100 to 25600) all combine for a powerful package.

  • Toshiba Portege Z835

    Windows users are finally seeing some solid MacBook Air competitors with the ultrabook category, and the Z835 attacks it with a really attractive price. It's not just about affordability, though: Toshiba's latest entry offers a backlit keyboard, and it's actually lighter than the 13-inch Air.

  • Libratone Live

    If the special someone on your gift list has an iOS device, an eye for design, and a set of finely-tuned ears, Libratone's Live might be the perfect option. With AirPlay support, you can set the cashmere-covered bar out of the way and let the wireless music fill the room.

  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    $750 is pretty outrageous for a phone — but where else are you going to find the most buzzworthy handset on the market right now? By all appearances, Verizon won't officially launch the Galaxy Nexus until December, which might go well past your gift-buying window. In the meantime, you can pick up the GSM version — which will work great on both AT&T on T-Mobile — through a variety of gray market retailers.

  • Teenage Engineering OP-1

    Priced at $849

    Teenage Engineering OP-1

    From bedroom DJs to professionals — if you've got a musician in your life, odds are good they've heard of Teenage Engineering's OP-1 synthesizer... and odds are also good that they want it desperately. The portability, battery power, and 4-track recorder are all great, sure — but really, it's about the beautiful aluminum shell and the vector-look OLED display.

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