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Holiday Gift Guide: $1000+

Holiday Gift Guide: $1000+


The Verge Holiday Gift Guide for products over $1000.

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Gift guide 1000
Gift guide 1000

Over $1,000: This is as good as it gets, folks. You've reached the end of our holiday gift guide, and the apex of gift-giving. All of these suggestions will run you more than $1,000 and the eternal admiration of whoever you buy them for. Just remember to save a little something for next year.

  • Apple MacBook Air

    Even if your mark is diehard Windows or Linux fan, it'd be hard to say no to the MacBook Air. No other manufacturer has yet managed to top this combination of an ultralight aluminum frame, spacious keyboard, responsive trackpad, and bright, colorful display... with a speedy solid state drive and battery life to spare. Graphical performance won't be enough for a gamer, but even then, it's the perfect secondary machine.

  • Panasonic VT30

    Last year, Panasonic blew away the competition with the VT25 — a 3D plasma television with not only superb colors and deep blacks, but also less crosstalk than other 3D sets on the market. This year, the VT30 slims down the set to supermodel proportions, boots the bulging bezel for a single sheet of flat glass up front, and promises even inkier blacks than before. You can grab the 65-inch version for just under $3,000 if you shop around.

  • RED Scarlet-X
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    Priced at $9,750

    RED Scarlet-X

    Got a significant other seeking a DSLR for professional video production, who doesn't mind riding the bleeding edge of badass tech? Get them the RED Scarlet-X, which shoots digital 4K footage and 5K stills for under $10,000, and takes standard Canon EF lenses. Just be prepared to drop a few extra grand on SSDs, EVFs and some battery packs.

  • Nissan Leaf

    Priced at $35,200

    Nissan Leaf

    Just imagine what it would feel like to bring home an electric car. The Nissan Leaf isn't exactly inexpensive, but it's still a fraction of the price of the sold-out Tesla Roadster with much of the same charm -- zero emissions, near-silent operation, and instant torque for dodging traffic on your way home. Just know that if you're planning to visit relatives near the edge of its estimated 73-mile range, it might take all night to recharge.

  • Virgin Galactic

    Priced at $200,000

    Virgin Galactic flight into space

    Were they extra nice to you this year? Do you have any spare real estate you can sell off? This year, tell them they're going to become an astronaut. Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo is scheduled to ferry private passengers to the edge of space in 2013, zero gravity and all, and two hundred grand buys you a ticket to the stars.

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