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Nook Tablet locked bootloader bypassed, one step closer to allowing custom ROMs

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The Nook Tablet boot loader hasn't been unlocked yet, but there is hope that it can be bypassed, allowing custom ROMs to be loaded.

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The Nook Color turned out to be a fantastic hacking tablet, and the folks in the xda-developers forum are trying to help the Nook Tablet gain similar status by getting around that pesky locked bootloader. It hasn't been unlocked yet, but one member has successfully compiled a Linux tool (Kexec) for B&N's hardware that could let you bypass the bootloader and is currently working on a module to make it run. Once that happens, developers will be able to load their own software and begin porting CyanogenMod and other custom ROMs to the tablet. That work is already on its way with the popular ROM-loading tool ClockworkMod "somewhat" running on the Nook. Having full control of the OS would be a huge improvement over the app sideloading and temporary rooting users have had to live with. We obviously can't make any guarantees this latest workaround will be effective, but we'll keep you updated on the progress.

Thanks, nickboy98!