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Sony says next-generation console could launch later than competitors, but PS3 still has plenty of life

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A Sony executive recently told Eurogamer that it would be "undesirable" for its next console to launch "significantly later" than competitors, giving the appearance that Sony could be giving its competitors a head start. He also added that the PS3 still has plenty of life.

Classic White Playstation 3
Classic White Playstation 3

The PlayStation 3 had a relatively late release date, and it appears that Sony may, once again, be giving its competitors a head start. PlayStation Europe CEO Jim Ryan hinted at this when he told Eurogamer that it would be "undesirable" for Sony to launch a next-generation console "significantly later" than its competitors. Obviously, launching the rumored PS4 later than the Nintendo Wii U and Microsoft's Xbox 360 successor wouldn't benefit Sony, but it's not necessarily a death sentence. Microsoft took a lead over Sony in the console wars when the 360 arrived on the market a year early, but the PlayStation 3 has nearly caught up five years after its release. And the system still appears to have plenty of life, as it's become more competitively priced (bundles are available for $199 today) this season. The console also dropped to £199 in the UK late this summer, where Ryan hopes to hit a "considerable untapped part of the market." Besides, there's still plenty of Killzone 3 and Uncharted 3 to be played.