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More EXOdesk details surface: 10-point touch, custom HTML5 apps

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ExoPC has revealed details of the upcoming EXOdesk, including custom software and more hints at a launch during CES in 2012. Suggesting that it will be a full HD tabletop computer with 10-point multitouch and 178-degree viewing angle, ExoPC is making some lofty promises.

EXOdesk render 915
EXOdesk render 915

After teasing the EXOdesk themselves in a YouTube video, the company has passed along some details on the "interactive desk" to The Long Climb. In addition to the (perhaps optimistic) rendering you see above, ExoPC is promising that the desk will have full 10-point touch on its 40-inch, capacitive surface. The panel is said to have a full 1080p resolution with a 178-degree viewing angle and will be displayed at CES by a well-known — but still secret — manufacturer.

As far as software functionality goes, ExoPC says it will have touchpad zones as well as a customizable keyboard "that is modular and can be moved part by part to match the ergonomic needs of everyone, for example, you can drag number keys from top of the keyboard to a virtual keypad, separated from the other keys." There should also be HTML5 apps and widgets that can be downloaded from a custom store plus a development kit that includes JavaScript extensions, "realistic behavior including gravity and friction," and pre-built transitions. It's all apparently compatible with both Windows 7 and Windows 8 and ExoPC says it can work as a standalone PC or be utilized as a second display for your existing setup.

We'll be keeping an eye out for it at CES 2012, where ExoPC promises to launch showcase the tabletop computer for $1299 (Update: ExoPC clarifies that this won't technically be a launch, but it will still be coming in 2012). If the company can deliver on what's looking like increasingly lofty promises, Microsoft's Surface could have some serious competition. Hit up the source link below for a few more screenshots of the EXOdesk.