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Google+ reunites DSLR images with owner — after a year in the Pacific ocean

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After sitting beneath the ocean of a year, a DSLR camera was discovered and the photos on its digital memory card were still readable. A Google+ posting and a lot of sharing was all it took to find the owner.

EOS 1000D Underwater 1000
EOS 1000D Underwater 1000

It's hard not to be a little jaded the Saturday after Thanksgiving, when all that gratitude has been expressed and the deep, deep regret about how much you ate has set in. Fortunately, while your immediate family has once again disappointed you with their politics and green bean casserole, your larger, human family can restore your faith in people's basic goodness with the magic of social networking. Enter Google+ and Markus Thompson, who was scuba diving in Deep Bay (outside of Vancouver) and discovered a Canon EOS 1000D camera. Thompson pulled the SD card to discover not only that he could recover the images, but that they revealed the camera had been sitting in the salty brine for over a year.

Thompson took to Google+, posting the story and a few identifying details he was able to dig up from the photos. Within a day, the hive mind was able to track down and contact the owner, a firefighter in British Columbia. We're not saying you should be thankful for Google+, but the actual people who use it sure seem like good folks.

Image Credit: Markus Thompson