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33-foot Lego Christmas tree erected in London's St Pancras Station

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London's St. Pancras International Station is playing host to the world's biggest Christmas tree built out of Lego bricks. It's 10 meters / 33 feet tall, has 172 branches decorated with 1,000 baubles, and required more than 600,000 blocks to make.

lego christmas tree_1020
lego christmas tree_1020

Measuring 10 meters tall in non-freedom units, this Lego Christmas tree is thought to be the biggest of its kind in the world. It's composed of over 600,000 bricks, has a thousand baubles dangling from its 172 branches, and is now lit up by a classic garland of LED lights. After two months of construction, it has been unveiled to the public in St Pancras International Station this week, and even the typically jaded Londoners are finding themselves wowed by its blocky intricacy.

Among the decorations is a cube with a QR code for more information and there's some related treasure hunt competition, though we didn't bother to look into it. Now excuse us while we, er, do something other than hunt for said treasure.