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PS Vita to play all PS3 games remotely, but upscaled from PSP resolution?

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PS Vita may get Remote Play in a future PS3 firmware update, but resolution will be allegedly be limited to the PSP's 480 x 272, unless developers code differently.

PS Vita Analog Stick
PS Vita Analog Stick

Eurogamer reports that a future PlayStation 3 firmware update will allow the PS Vita to play all PS3 games remotely. We first saw Killzone 3 streamed to Sony's newest handheld at the Tokyo Game Show this year — dual analog controls intact — but now, the Remote Play functionality designed to connect a PlayStation Portable and PS3 will allegedly work with any game on the Vita. Expanding Remote Play to all games is great, but Eurogamer says they'll still be streamed at the PSP's 480 x 272 resolution and then upscaled to the Vita's native 960 x 544 display. However, developers will supposedly be able to do 480p specifically for the Vita in future games — that suggests the limitation on older titles might simply be because their Remote Play was coded with only the PSP's screen size in mind. We don't know if software updates will be able to bring older titles up to the new handheld's standards, but we'll let you know when we get more information.