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Motorola RAZR blasts through a birthday cake in new Rogers ad (video)

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Rogers Canada fired a Motorola Razr through a birthday cake. What more do we need to say?

Rogers Motorola Razr Cake Ad 640
Rogers Motorola Razr Cake Ad 640

We get it: the new Motorola RAZR is thin, and it's pleasant to imagine it cutting through things. But why settle for slicing through a virtual lamppost when you can cleave through reality? That's what the marketing team at Rogers Canada must have thought when they came up with this ad, which fires the 7.1mm smartphone out of an air cannon — ripping through a birthday cake and a chicken egg with no remorse whatsoever. We're still partial to our own RAZR ad, of course, and there's always the Chrome Speed Tests if you're a fan of this sort of thing, but we certainly don't mind adding another slow-motion cannon trick to our YouTube video history.