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Droid 4 official pictures leak out, Verizon taunts Droid 3 owners with comparison chart

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The Droid 4 has appeared in a new batch of leaked Verizon documents.

Droid 4 Droid-Life 640
Droid 4 Droid-Life 640

If you had any remaining doubt that the Droid 4 was supposed to be a RAZR with a keyboard, this should nip it in the bud — Droid-Life seems to have obtained another batch of Verizon documents that show the two phones going head to head, bullet point for bullet point before the Droid 4's increasingly likely December 8th rumored release. We're also getting our clearest glimpse at the 4-inch, 1.2GHz dual-core LTE slider yet, as you can see in the shots immediately above. Unlike the RAZR, there's no woven Kevlar around back, but it does look like there's some nice texture anyhow, and it's got the same water-repellent Gorilla Glass display as the thinner handset. Get a closer look at the handset at our source link... or try a (tentative) Verge comparison chart right here!