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    Siri hacks control your car and media center

    Siri hacks control your car and media center


    Following last week's Siri proxy hack, developers have been able to control a Viper-enabled car and Plex Media Center through voice commands.

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    We covered the Siri proxy hack last week, which allows developers to catch custom phrases and act on them, expanding the functionality of Apple's voice-controlled personal assistant. We'd anticipated this work being employed by other developers, and a few exciting uses for the hack have already started to appear.

    First up, Brandon Fiquett has written code that allows him to start, stop, open the trunk, and activate the alarm in his Acura using the kind of voice controls we've come to expect from Siri. The hack works alongside his Viper car automation and security system, with Siri communicating with his proxy server, which forwards commands on to the cellular-connected car.

    Second, an Icelandic developer named Hjalti Jakobsson has created a plugin for Plex, allowing you to ask for "Seinfeld season five, episode one" — and returning either the episode title or an apology if it can't find the show you're after. The system is impressively fast, with no lag between sending the command and playback beginning.

    While the source code for the car control is available for download now, the Plex controller still requires some work before it's ready for primetime. You'll still need to set up your own proxy server though, and we know that for some of you the thought of adding a modified root certificate to your iPhone is out of the question.