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Apple Store employees use app to locate shoppers picking up online purchases

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Apple Store employees are using a location-based app on their iPod touches to help locate and serve customers picking up online purchases.

Fifth Avenue Apple Store Cube 2011
Fifth Avenue Apple Store Cube 2011

Apple's continuing to roll out ways to streamline the shopping process, including new retail self-checkout and the ability to pick up online purchases in select stores. As for those behind the counter, Apple Store employees are using a location-based app to make the pickup process even faster for customers. This app, which runs on the iPod touch every employee carries, sends an alert out when customers have entered the store to pick up an online purchase. It shows the customer on a map of the store so employees can find them and deliver their purchase, ideally without the customer ever having to ask for help. Of course, this is contingent on that customer having made the purchase on their iPhone using the official Apple Store app, and that they brought that iPhone with them. While this only accounts for a small percentage of Apple's customers, anything it can do to make things quicker in its crowded stores should be appreciated by shoppers.