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FlyDelta app lets you track your baggage on iOS and Android

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The updated FlyDelta app for iOS and Android lets you track your baggage from the sky.


In April, Delta launched a baggage tracking program that gave fliers a tracking number which could be used to check the status of the bags online or at customer-service counters. Now, Delta's rolling the features into its Fly Delta iOS and Android apps. Tap "track my bags" and the app will let you scan your baggage ticket with your camera, and then you'll get updates as your bags are checked in planeside as long as you have a data connection. Plus, you'll get a notice for which baggage carousel to go to. It's better than running around La Guardia at 2AM searching for your bags, but shouldn't Delta be able to tie your flight information to your baggage and cut out the antiquated paper receipt scanning step? The free iOS and Android apps are available now, and BlackBerry and Windows Phone will be getting the updates in the "next few weeks."