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Chronic Dev team releases crowdsourcing jailbreak tool CDevReporter

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Chronic Dev team, the makers of the Greenpois0n jailbreaking tool, have released CDevReporter to speed the search for iOS vulnerabilities. The app is a crowd sourcing tool that forwards users' iPhone crash logs to Chronic Dev Team.

Unlocked iPhone 4 Verge Temp
Unlocked iPhone 4 Verge Temp

The story of the true untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1 has been one of false starts and near misses, but Chronic Dev team, the group of iOS hackers responsible for the Greenpois0n jailbreak, aims to change that with a new weapon in their "information war" on Apple. The team hopes to crowdsource its search for vulnerabilities using a new tool called CDevReporter that reroutes the jailbreak community's iPhone crash logs to Chronic Dev's servers.

The app works by changing the settings in iTunes to prevent the user's Mac or PC from sending iPhone crash logs to Apple, and instead sending the diagnostic information to Chronic Dev team for analysis. As P0sixninja revealed in a blog post yesterday, entitled "Weapons of Mass Exploitation," despite a number of promising vulnerabilities, the team has been having trouble keeping pace with Apple's patches to the OS, losing "countless hours" of work in the search for an exploit. CDevReporter hopes to speed along the process by relying on the jailbreaking community to help locate new vulnerabilities sooner, get them to the team faster, and keep them out of Apple's hands for longer. CDevReporter is available to download for OS X and Windows at the source link below.