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Best Buy allegedly canceling Black Friday PlayBook orders

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Shoppers that took advantage of Best Buy's Black Friday sale on the BlackBerry PlayBook are now complaining that the big box retailer has canceled their orders outright.

BlackBerry PlayBook main
BlackBerry PlayBook main

RIM recently announced a holiday season promotion that saw the price of its BlackBerry PlayBook cut $300 across the board. Best Buy followed suit with a Black Friday sale at the same price points, but online shoppers that took advantage are now complaining their orders are being canceled by the retailer outright. SlashGear confirms that at least one location has nixed orders, with multiple customers in Best Buy's support forums reporting that their credit cards were charged before being informed the device was on backorder, and that their orders were then canceled altogether. We saw similar situations with the HP TouchPad fire sale, but rather than an indicator of impending doom, this simply appears to be a case of a retailer selling stock they didn't have. Best Buy still has the device up on its website as of this time — listed as out of stock for both online ordering and in-store pickup — while RIM is offering all models of the PlayBook on its online store, with shipping listed as one to two days. We've reached out to Best Buy for further clarification on the cancelations, and will update you with any new information we receive.