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Dell keeps misleading advice about graphics cards up, in spite of promises to the contrary

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Dell's misleading advice about graphics cards has been kept up on the company's website, in spite of repeated promises to retract it.


A number of news outlets alerted Dell on Friday about the fact its web store contained the above misleading image advising customers that a standard graphics card would provide a blurrier image than a high-end GPU. The company reacted swiftly by issuing an apology and promising to yank the offending media. Only problem since then is that it hasn't done so.

The guys over at The Inquirer are today able to reach the bogus GPU comparison through three different avenues: while comparing Vostro laptops, Vostro desktops, and Optiplex machines. We were bemused by this supposed mistake on Friday, but Dell's quick and assertive response gave us confidence it was a mere oversight. The fact that after a whole weekend, customers are still being fed the same nonsense about blurry displays is now quite unacceptable and makes a mockery of Dell's original apology. The company's been told exactly where the image is and it's been told how to find it — does it need advice on how to delete stuff from its servers too?