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Kindle Fire only $123.38 in unadvertised Target and Walmart sales

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Walmart and Target both have an unadvertised Kindle Fire sale going, with the tablet selling for only $123.38. This deal's availability appears to vary by store, as some consumers have had success and others not.

Kindle Fire Target Sale
Kindle Fire Target Sale

It looks like Target and Walmart are keeping one of their best deals below the radar — some stores are selling the brand-new Kindle Fire for only $123.38, which is more than $75 off Amazon's going price. You can find images over at Slickdeals of a purported customer receipt of sales from Target, as well as images of in-store displays showing this sale at both both stores. So, if you're in the market for the Kindle Fire, it might be worth bringing copies of these images with you if you're trying to score this deal. While a deal like this is definitely worth a shot, the Slickdeals thread where this deal originated is filled with tales of both success and woe — so temper your expectations accordingly.