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Zynga's 'Indiana Jones Adventure World' for Facebook nukes the fridge

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Zynga has partnered with the creators of Indiana Jones to bring Indiana Jones Adventure World to Facebook.

Indiana Jones Adventure World for Facebook
Indiana Jones Adventure World for Facebook

If any of your friends brooded angrily after seeing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, you may want to keep your distance from them over the next couple of days — Zynga's announced that it will be reducing the legendary hero to cartoon form in an official Indiana Jones Facebook game. The game simply known as Adventure World has already been out for months, but Kotaku reports that Zynga will be overhauling the title with Indiana Jones-themed adventures, and Jones himself will wander around as a non-playable character. The first "chapter" is called Indiana Jones and the Calendar of the Sun, and additional chapters will be released over the coming weeks, though it's worth noting that all of the original Adventure World content will remain. But don't expect to sit down for a marathon session without opening your wallet — Zynga will require you to put your dungeon crawling on hold in order to regain "energy," or pay with real money to regain playtime immediately.

To its credit, Zynga does seem to be branching out a bit from the everything-ville format by introducing role-playing gameplay elements. Kotaku says players will be able to control a character who can use whips and machetes to traverse jungle, fight snakes, and quest for rare treasure. Then pay a few dollars, re-up their "energy," and put a twee Alden boot to Harrison Ford's neck.