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Toyota Fun-Vii concept is a display and a car rolled into one

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The Toyota Fun-Vii is a car covered with a display both inside and out. A network connection lets it update software, or connect with other drivers for both safety and social networking.

Toyota Fun-Vii
Toyota Fun-Vii

The Toyota Fun-Vii isn't like any concept car (or display) we've ever seen — the interior and exterior are covered with a display panel, and the door is touch sensitive. Navigation information displays directly on the interior, and Toyota says the images both inside and out can be changed with a simple download. The software behind the controls can be updated through a network connection, which also links to other vehicles for detecting cars in the blind spots or finding friends driving nearby. Some of the features will even be accessible through a smartphone, though we're pretty sure driving won't be one of them. We wouldn't expect a price or release date with a concept this outrageous, but it would be great to see software updates, networked driving, and touch-sensitive surfaces incorporated into a future Camry. The video below isn't much, but there's some guy who's really happy to be in it anyway.