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Google Catalogs app for Android tablets lets you browse paper-free

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Google's Catalogs app which offers paperless browsing and shopping has been released for Android tablets. It has been available for iPads since earlier this year.

Google Catalogs Android
Google Catalogs Android

Just in time for Cyber Monday, those of us that tote an Android tablet can now browse and shop from Google's Catalogs app. An iOS version has been available for months, but for those who aren't familiar with the app, it offers a paper-free means of checking out copies of your favorite brands' catalogs. The app has a decent selection and it features digital "tags" on each item which offer product information, links to the manufacturer's product page, and local shopping results. You can also subscribe to your favorite companies and browse, create, and share collages of items. The app is available for free on tablets running Android 3.1 or above and iPads running iOS 4.2 or higher — just don't expect the app to stop your mailbox from getting clogged.