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Next-gen Apple TV codename is J33, according to iOS 5.1 beta release

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The next Apple TV's codename is J33, according to code discovered in the iOS 5.1 beta release.

Apple TV
Apple TV

Apple's iOS 5.1 beta revealed a new iPad earlier this evening, but it's not done spilling secrets yet. Now, 9to5Mac reports that the codename of the next Apple TV has also been found. The magic alphanumeric is "J33", which puts the device in good company indeed: "J2," as you'll recall, is pegged as the next-generation iPad. This is the same "Apple TV 3,1" spotted last month, by the way. It's hard to say what we're really looking at with only a few letters and digits at our disposal, but we wouldn't bet on a full-sized television; rather, expect Apple's dual-core A5 chip to enable 1080p video streaming and gaming on your existing TV set.