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AMD to sell own-brand DDR3 RAM, probably no better than others

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AMD is getting into the desktop DDR3 RAM business at a time when prices are at record lows, and plans to market it as more reliable and stable for AMD systems.


AMD recently announced a shift away from competing with Intel and promised a February strategy update. Perhaps part of that strategy involves selling DDR3 RAM — AMD will partner with Patriot and VisionTek to brand 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB modules ranging from entry-level 1,333MHz to high-end 1,866MHz speeds. But why would AMD start selling memory when the market is flooded, and prices are at a record low? AMD says it will add value by avoiding the gray market and testing on AMD systems to ensure stability and reliability while still being compatible with Intel systems. It's hard to believe AMD can make better RAM when it's just putting a sticker on modules from Patriot and VisionTek, but maybe its experience in validating memory for its graphics cards will help it optimize chips for PCs. Maybe.

Regardless of whether AMD memory is better, the company might be able to leverage its supply chain and sell modules packaged with its CPUs, GPUs, and chipsets. Outside of value bundles, we don't see any reason why you should buy AMD memory over some other name, but then maybe you really like to coordinate brands inside your rig.