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The latest SiriProxy hack controls an entire room

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The latest SIriProxy hack enables a user to run his home automation system, including curtains, fans and lights.

SiriProxy room control
SiriProxy room control

Thanks to SiriProxy, iPhone 4S users have been figuring out ways to start cars, queue up Plex, and adjust the thermostat just by telling their phone to do it for them. Now we're seeing video of an even bigger home automation hack, with a hacker known as phildman14 closing his curtains, turning on his overhead fan, and dimming several lights just by asking Siri for assistance. phildman14 noted on YouTube that it's based on an iPhone app he wrote that lets him perform the same controls, but now he's been able to hook Siri in to do everything by voice. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like phildman14 has posted the code he's used for this hack, but it seems pretty heavily customized for his particular setup anyway. Still, we're getting ever closer to the day when we can just tell our phones to do whatever we want.