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Interview: HuskyStarcraft, professional e-sports commentator

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After wrapping up my glimpse into the world of pro StarCraft II, I took a trip the MLG Providence last weekend, where the year-end MLG e-sports finals were held. I spotted some great games, and met some sweet gamers, but I was majorly starstruck by my original StarCraft crush, HuskyStarcraft (or "Mike Lamond," to his parents). Husky's YouTube channel turned me onto watching StarCraft II instead of just playing, and has offered countless hours of entertainment since then. He's been making a living from YouTube ads and tournament gigs for a while now, "shout casting" video games with breathless play-by-play commentary, and has developed a huge following. At an event like MLG he's a superstar, and is constantly hounded for mousepad autographs and photos by fans whenever he's caught out of the casting booth. Lacking a private space, we took to the escalator to make him a moving target, which gave the both of us a few precious minutes to talk about our favorite video game.