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Lenovo smart TV plans announced, coming Q1 2012

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Lenovo has announced that it plans to release a smart TV in the first quarter of 2012.

Lenovo Smart TV
Lenovo Smart TV

Alongside some new tablets, Lenovo announced today plans to bring a smart TV to the market by the first quarter of 2012. The second-largest PC manufacturer in the world didn't offer many details on the upcoming product, but Lenovo did let slip that it'd be branded as an IdeaTV (like its consumer-centric IdeaPad laptops) outside of China, where the company is based. It's not known what platform the company will use, but it might make some sense to see Google TV on there — Lenovo would be joining Vizio and Sony's ranks as a Google TV and Android tablet manufacturer if it did. The plan is for the television to slot into a line of products that are able to easily share content with each other. As TVs become more and more like computers, it isn't surprising to see a computer manufacturer going into the TV business (there are always new rumors of an Apple television). We'll get more details to you as we hear them in the upcoming months.

Image Credit: Antífama (Flickr)