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AMD still committed to x86

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AMD plans to "remain committed to x86", despite reports that indicated it might consider moving away from competing with Intel next year. However, the company also plans to refocus on lower power processors and the cloud.

AMD opteron logo
AMD opteron logo

A report on AMD's future strategy made the rounds yesterday with speculation that the company might exit the x86 market, but that won't be the case anytime soon — AMD just told us that it "remains committed to the x86 market," but will be realigning around industry trends toward low-power devices and the cloud. That sounds like smartphones, tablets, and servers to us, but we'll see what the company has in store at its February strategy update — and what "committed" actually means as AMD figures out what's next. AMD's full statement is below:

AMD is a leader in x86 microprocessor design, and we remain committed to the x86 market. Our strategy is to accelerate our growth by taking advantage of our design capabilities to deliver a breadth of products that best align with broader industry shifts toward low power, emerging markets and the cloud.